As I started thinking about doing this blog, I was shopping for my new 2017 paper calendar. While I still manage most of my life on my computer and phone, there’s still something about a paper calendar that helps ground me. It’s more than a calendar – it’s a notebook, to do list, coupon holder, you name it. I was so excited to find this big one (9 x 11 1/2) with pockets and stickers by Recollections at Michaels. I’ve all ready started stuffing it with my life for 2017.

As a visual person – it’s also gratifying to draw that black line through a Done item or pull that note held in by paperclip and wad it up and throw it in the trash! The goal of this blog is to make changes in my life and get that satisfaction from throwing a bad habit, a negative attitude or person, or a something that’s holding me back in the metaphorical trash. What is more vulnerable (and visual) than a blog put out for the world to see?