This is my running tally board on how many magazines I can get read and recycled from Magazine Mountain. Updated as a magazine leaves the house via recycling or passing along to another reader.

2/10/17 I’ve not been posting much in the last week because I’ve been busy reading. Three magazines went out this week and two of the new magazines that arrived, including this month’s Vanity Fair didn’t even make it into the pile! Plus I read a library book, too!

2/4/17 It doesn’t seem like we’ve had a new president for only a few weeks – it all ready seems like years. But finally getting to this look back. Again – not to the recycling pile but moving on to someone else.

1/22/17 A December 2016 Entertainment Weekly goes to recycling. I need to get into a better rhythm of reading to keep the flow moving out the door.

1/10/17 A December 2014 Entertainment Weekly goes into recycling. When my kitchen sink is clean and I actually leave work on time – I can get a magazine read and off of Magazine Mountain!

1/7/17 October 2016 In Style – very timely read. I can’t wait to see what Michelle Obama’s second act is. In pass along pile to my mom who shares my fascination with Mrs. Obama.

1/4/17 – Thanks to a hair cut appointment, this month’s Better Homes and Gardens didn’t even make it on to the pile. In and out the door in 48 hours! A record.

1/3/17 – working on a year old Entertainment Weekly…..