I love reading – you name it –  books, magazines, newspapers.

I’ve finally conceded on the newspaper, however, and subscribe to digital only versions of the Star Tribune and NY Times and get daily updates from the Chicago Tribune, The Daily Skimm and Des Moines Register. With a few clicks, I can see headlines or delve deeper  on the daily news, avoid the morning “news” shows and not add to my paper piles.

It’s a different story when it comes to books and magazines. I’ve never meet a Little Lending Library that I don’t stop and peruse and I always keep a book or two in my car and bike bag to leave. That bi-monthly sign outside my local library “book sale today” is a siren song. Another bag of books joins the to be read stack. Having a sports playing kid helps – I get a lot read during the sports season. Getting to the field an hour early for games and weekend tournaments let me plow through books pretty quickly and I do a good job of moving them out of the house to other readers.

Magazines are another story. I usually take a quick run through the day they arrive and then set them aside to dig into deeper. Problem is that by the time I get back to them – the fashions are out of date, pop culture has moved along and I can’t find the recipe I remember seeing. One of my goals this year is to whittle magazine mountain into a mole hill by spending that time each day I would be on Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat by reading a magazine and putting it in the recycle box.

To help motivate me – I’ve decided to log my magazine reading and try to get rid of 4 to 5 magazines a week. This is truly going to be a challenge because, while I dropped a couple of subscriptions, I’ve added some new ones. And deadly ones at that – two recipe magazines – which get lots of pages torn out and added to a different paper stack. #paperpiles #numberonecauseofclutter