With the start of a new year, we are bombarded with messages about getting fit, getting rid of clutter, and making major life changes. Every day it’s another news story, magazine or newspaper article, blog post (sorry) or social media post hectoring us to make radical change with some 28 or 30 day program or “cure” – yes I’m looking at you Apartment Therapy. If these “cures” really worked to changed our habits, we wouldn’t be repeating this cycle every year.

But like a siren song – I still keep looking for that magic bullet, too. Some guide, plan or words of wisdom that speak to me and magically make me thinner, my house cleaner and my life better.

But the realization that the only way anything is going to change is for me to do the hard work and cause the change, came as I picked up another “how to declutter” book at the book store 0ver the holidays. As I thumbed through the book and – for the smallest fraction of a second considered purchasing – it dawned on me. This book about clutter wouldn’t change anything and, in reality, would add to the clutter problem in my home which would make me anxious and upset. It would be one more item in book and magazine mountain, another thing on the “to do” list. It wasn’t going to help me solve the problem, it was adding to it.

It was with that epiphany that I decided to try this “year of” blog and see if I can truly do the handwork of making lasting change in my home and life.