I made it to the end of week 2 and if you follow the conventional wisdom that it takes 21 days to make a new habit, I’m well on my way. I have new, sunny yellow flowers┬áto lift the gloom of cold winter days and my counters and sink stayed unstacked and clean most of the week. My bathroom is clean and I read a few magazines to keep Magazine Mountain shrinking and I actually had time to sit down and watch some playoff football!

While I still feel somewhat guilty about all of the January “declutter” challenges that I’m not keeping up with – I decided to be happy with what I do get done. The January Cure starts with cleaning a drawer with the thought that one simple, small project can set you on the path for larger projects. I decided to tackle the kitchen junk drawer. It took well over an hour, mostly for all of the points for school and Campbell’s soup labels that had just been thrown in the drawer, but it was a huge difference and I even tested and threw out pens that didn’t work. And for me, the act of throwing something away is hard – but I did it and found it felt good. If after a few scribbles on the paper, if it didn’t work – out it went. Now when I reach in the drawer to add to the grocery or to do list – I don’t have to try three or four pens to find one that works!