I’m trying to cook my way out of the huge stack of recipes I’ve torn out of magazines and newspapers over the years. I’ll share along with any feedback I’ve gotten from my family and friends.

2/10/17 Sticky Asian Pork Wrap – Midwest Living Magazine recipes never disappoint. This was a tasty change of pace for our family. I think it will going into rotation.

1/28/17 I’m always on the look out for a good, quick dinner and our family likes stir fry. But there just so many things you can do with chicken before you want some variety. Tonight I tried a “Saucy Sizzle” from Kraftfoods.com. It was a saucy pepper steak with barbecue sauce instead of the traditional teriakyi based sauce. It was different, but not a new favorite.

1/15/17 My family loves cranberries. Just the three of us can go through five pounds of them during the cranberry season. The coffee cake was interesting. You made a cranberry brandy “sauce” that you then put in a sour cream coffee cake batter. It came from an old Kraftfoods.com magazine. While good, it didn’t go into the recipe file.

1/14/17 I needed a new salad for my friend’s wild game feed. I always try to take something light and fresh to counter balance the “meatiness” of the potluck. A broccoli salad from the Penzeys catalog looked good. Any it must have been – the bowl was empty by the time I hit the buffet line!