Part of the reason it takes me so long to get through Magazine Mountain is that there might be a recipe I need to tear out and try. But that philosophy is part of what has lead to the excessive clutter in my life. While I may get rid of the magazine, I’ve just moved paper to a new pile. And this is not the most effective way to find a recipe in a hurry. As a consequence, I often default to all I love that I can input ingredients and have a number of options in seconds, rather than spending over a half hour looking for an interesting salad recipe for a potluck (like I did yesterday). (The salad was delicious by the way and I came home with an empty bowl. That recipe moves into the vintage and well used family recipe book in the right of the photo.)

So part of my conundrum with this pile is – do I just chuck it and rely solely on my iPad and the internet for my baking and cooking? And if I do that, saving to an on-line library, doesn’t bring the joy of pulling a favorite, well worn and stained recipe out for a special meal or dessert (AKA third generation, hand written wild rice soup recipe).  I started trying to use my phone’s camera to take pictures of recipes, but then they languish and eventually get forgotten in emails and photos because they don’t get pulled down and organized. I tried scanning as well – but you have to follow through and actually organize, tag and label them. I spent some time looking for a electronic recipe organization system on line and the best I recommendation I could find was to use Evernote. Or do I spend some time and organize by subject and just have a more organized paper? But look at this pile! Isn’t my time more valuable? Can I outsource to a third party like old photographs and videos? What is the time value relationship? So while I consider these questions, I’m going to try to cook my way out of this pile. On tap for today – spicy pork stir fry for dinner and cranberry coffee cake for breakfast tomorrow. And since trying to eat better and making a commitment to breakfast is one of my goals – we’ll try 52 weeks of muffins. That should at least get rid of 52 sheets. Oops, it’s the third week of 2017 – I better get started!