Like so many others after a strong start, real life intruded on my best intentions this week. Two late nights at work, a party, an evening meeting and busy week for the rest of my family challenged my resolve to keep the kitchen counter clean. It did well until the two late nights hit – I came home after midnight and left before 7:30 the next day. And, guess what, I was super stressed and coming home to the full sink didn’t help. So the lesson of this week – is not matter how late or early – take 5 minutes and make it happen. It will actually help the stress level.

And today, as I work to reset, my beautiful flowers from last week are going strong. It’s why buying semi closed Alstroemeria are always a great grocery store or florist buy. You can usually get 10 days to two weeks out of them. I have a new candle courtesy of a co-worker from the holidays and am starting to “cook my pantry”  to clean it out and restock with healthier foods and so made cupcakes from a mix in the cabinet.