One of the things my family needs to do is eat better. We don’t keep a lot of sweets and pop around but we all love our carbs. Plus, while I cook up a storm on the weekends, week nights and especially during busy weeks become hit or miss and too often we pick up the phone for a pizza. And it doesn’t help than when I don’t leave work until after 6, we often don’t eat until after 8 or just give up and snack.

This spring I purchased a Wildtree package at a charity event. Wildtree is an in home meal prep party where you prepare 10 freezer meals or in our case 20 since we are a small family  – breaking each meal into two. You prep all of your proteins in advance and add the Wildtree products at the party from your pre-ordered kit. I’m hoping the Savory Selections  I’ve chosen will make week night meals and meal planning less painless and my family will eat better.