It’s the end of January and the 4th week of this year long experiment. What have I learned so far? Tulips are starting to come into season. Yeah!

Well, I’m less stressed when I come home to fresh flowers and clean counters. By staying on top of keeping my kitchen and bathroom clean, i have to spend less time keeping them clean. I’m slowing creating more clean surfaces in other areas of my life as well. I’m starting to work my way through Magazine Mountain, cooking my way out of clutter and I’m striving to get finish projects. I’ve cleaned my junk drawer and fridge and kept them clean. And laundry is done for the week.

I haven’t done a very good job on attacking exercise and weight, but as I get a handle on other areas of my life, hopefully, more time will open up to focus on getting healthier.

Because I’m less stressed, I’m finding time to do things that bring me pleasure. I picked up books from the library, I watched hockey and have actual returned two Netflix DVDs.

On to February!