It’s been a crazy month at work – we closed out 2016 with a bang and there has not been a chance to catch our breath in the near year either. As the business manager, this time of year is hectic anyway because it’s time to close one year and start a new one with all of it’s attendant work of closing out files and projects, building new planning and forecasts, and updating files, vendors, records, etc. A big portion of my job can not be delegated, so it’s easy to get overwhelmed. And when I do that, I tend to go for low hanging fruit and/or find distractions to not have to tackle the hard work.

Because I’m a visual person and like to “triage” work into piles – it can get out of control and when that happens, I loose all effectiveness and spend my time just looking for papers, notes, etc. Plus, I get “snappy” and that doesn’t make me a good co-worker and when my office gets too out of control, they loose their confidence in my ability to get things done. So tonight I stayed late as I was on a roll getting things crossed off the list and moved into the┬ádone column. I then really tackled getting my office back int0 a clean and organized structure. Wow – I actually have a desk underneath everything. All ready, my stress level has gone down because there are clean surfaces. I have pictures of my friends and family that I can actually see now. And I found a torn out article with the reminder to “breathe.” Which really needs to be my work mantra this year.

My piles have been consolidated and prioritized. You can see the desk and floor and my goal is to get my “problem children” projects off my white board before the weekend. I made several piles to move on to others as well – I have to constantly remind myself that I can’t do it all and others can do it, even if they don’t do it just like I would. Plus, my boss often gently and sometimes not so gently reminds me that I need to delegate more as well. I guess delegate needs to be a work mantra as well!