While I’m not making the big, huge changes I thought, I’m finding that doing lots of little projects and small changes consistently helps the bigger picture. I’ve bleached my sink, done the ammonia descale of my stove grates (it really works) and switched out the holiday decor outside. This weekend was time to tackle the pile of ironing that was taking over the bedroom.

My mom lives to iron – she has a whole “ironing station” and she never leaves the house not pressed. I try not to buy too much that needs regular pressing, but there is always a few things that need ironing in the closet. When I Google “the Zen of Ironing” there were 226,000 hits, so apparently it’s important to others as well. While I find ironing to be very zen – the rhythm and repetitiveness is calming and destressing, I have to be in the right mood to tackle it. The lure for me is that I can kill two birds with one stone – I get ironing done and can watch TV without feeling guilty that I should be doing something else. I find that I tend iron when there’s a good game, movie or award shows on. Today was double duty – an afternoon hockey game and then the Grammy’s® tonight.

It feels good to close out the weekend with another pile gone and some favorite clothing items back in the closet ready to wear. Plus, some magazines left Magazine Mountain and I made two new recipes as I cook my way out of clutter and the recipes used items from my pantry – that goal is to totally clean out and start fresh by spring! And the beautiful yellow tulips the kid purchased for me last week are still going strong and reminding me of Holland! Plus I bought some mini croissants and Nutella and had one of my favorite Dutch treats Hagelslag (aka Chocolate sprinkles!)