Wow – I discovered blogging is hard and I have a new appreciation for those who do it while balancing work and family. I can see why for those who are most successful, it is a full time job. It requires discipline and dedication – both of which I’m struggling to get better at.

But just because I haven’t been posting, doesn’t mean that I haven’t been trying to keep to my original goals for this year. I’m keeping my kitchen sink and counters mostly clean on a daily basis. Have been more diligent about house cleaning, working on getting my electronic life cleaned up and organized and most of February concentrated on my career life. After nearly 6 months of stops, starts and detours, I finished a huge project that had been hanging over me like the sword of Damocles. I literally and figuratively did a Snoopy happy dance when I hit send to my colleagues. Launching this project will help all of us do our jobs better and it was huge relief to mark another item on my DONE list.

After two months, I’ve made small strides that I’m building on, but still struggling to make the big leaps – paper mountain is holding fast – I’m not adding, but it doesn’t seem to go down. And weight loss has not started. I purchased new tennis shoes, that still haven’t seen any pavement and I’m still not exercising with regularity. Using the theory of baby steps – I decided to give chips and crackers up for lent. This is a good one for me because chips are my default stress eating and are nothing but carbs.It will be a challenge for me and good test of resolve and discipline.

The mail yesterday brought my monthly customer coupon from Kowalski’s and guess what, its a bouquet of Tulips! What more motivation do I need for this weekend – so I’m off clean house, cook my way out of clutter and reward myself with a trip to the store for groceries and flowers!