It’s spring like weather here in MN and as I walked the yard today taking down winter decorations and adding Easter, I noticed I have tulips coming up! In mid March. It’s a reminder as the Lenten season begins that its a time of renewal – shaking off winter’s heavy coat and bringing beauty and color back to our world.

40 Bags in 40 Days is decluttering project that uses the Lenten calendar to help clear clutter to refresh and renew your home and life. It started March 1st and runs through April 15th this year. So far I’ve made a trip to the county recycling center, have a big bag for the at risk teen center, a box for the resale shop and old tennis shoes for the recycling drop. Yesterday was going through a huge pile of misc papers and moving most to the recycling bin.

I also finished a project that I have been working on for at least two years. I’m so excited to add this beautiful wreath to our home. It started with a circular wooden B. After sanding and painting, it languished for a nearly a year. Then I finally found some silk flowers in my favorite colors of purples and chartreuse. But they stayed in the bag for nearly another year. Yesterday, I took about an hour and finally attached the flowers to the wreath and hung it outside. So technically it was a “bag.” It took two large items and moved them “outside the house!”