I’m still struggling to find a posting rhythm, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been working hard. Having some great successes that I continue to build upon. My inbox at work is empty. I’ve gotten caught up on a couple of big projects that have kept me behind at work and I started cleaning up the paper piles that live under my desk. I’ve become more aware of how my clutter piles impact the confidence people have in my ability to get a job done.

On the home front, I continue to keep the kitchen sink and bathroom clean. It’s amazing how good that feels. It’s so simple, but so important. I’ve not been as diligent with 40 bags in 40 days, but have made some heavy hits. This week I took a big pile to the resale shop, made a drop at Goodwill, took a pillow in for re-ticking and added some bags to the recycling bin. And yesterday I cleaned out my car and took it for a good wash and vacuum to remove winter’s salt, sand and grime!

I also have been working on lingering “life issues” too. Got bills organized to contact companies, finally dealt with on-going estate issues and helped the kid get her taxes done.  All of these have financial implications and it feels really good to mark done. Now I can focus on our own taxes.

But you ask, what does this have to do with Spring Cleaning? But getting all of this other stuff done becomes a self fulfilling, domino like change. I’m less behind the proverbial 8-ball and more proactive, especially at a time of the year when we instintively make change and feel renewed.

A big Spring Cleaning is new curtains for the basement window. This ticked several boxes – the fabric came from the attic while working on 40 bags for 40 days and it was one of those unfinished projects. I had purchased the material years ago and then didn’t do anything with it. It was more of a “test” piece, so I did have to make a run to the fabric store to get some additional yardage to make it work for 2 curtains and pre-wash, but by Friday night, I was ready to complete this project. Two hours later, I have beautiful, bright, new curtains for my basement. As I did laundry this weekend, I smiled everything I looked up. Suddenly this the stress project/pile has become something that brings me pleasure.

Excited today to officially switch out my dishes from my beloved winter cardinals and birds to the bright floral summer set. And for the first time in years, my outdoor decor matches the season and holidays.  All of these positive steps keep building to keep me on a roll and it feels good!